Releaseday: Kent – Best Of (Album)

Today is a big happy and sad day for fans of the swedish band Kent: They release their Best of-Album including the last 5 new songs before the great goodbye-tour this fall throughout Scnandinavia.

One track – Egoist – has been kown before and it is a real banger. So is also the last song “Silver”. “Nostromo” is again pure Kent-sound. So this is – together with a well curated tracklisting of best hits – a good end to a massive career.

Thanks “Kent” for being there the last 16 years – your music is unique and perfect and means very much for many people. See you in Oslo for a last celebration.

Den vänstra stranden

kent - Den vänstra stranden


Kent - Egoist (Official Audio)


Sista sången

Kent - Sista sången (Official Audio)

Då Som Nu För Alltid

Då Som Nu För Alltid

Kent on the web, facebook.

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