Sherpa – The Mind

Music from Bergen is on fire at the moment – with „Sherpa“ we have the next great band from the westcoast of Norway.
Their facebook-page says: „Sherpa is based out of Bergen and concists of musicians from bands such as Forza, Young Dreams and Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo. The group was founded in 2012 by best buds Babak Ziai and Per Kristian Slåttli aka PK and soon best bud Johannes Vaage joined in.“
„The Mind“ is a powerful, bass-driven beat-monster – or as they say „Influenced by Persian 70’s music, Hip Hop, indie and Jazz they create eclectic songs that are flamboyant and original featuring live musical instruments“. Well, that fits very well – „The Mind“ made the summer a bit brighter and longer and let’s see how the next songs will keep everybody dancing.

Sherpa on twitter, facebook.

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