Red Cell – We Will Be Birds Tonight

The swedish retrosynth/new wave duo RED CELL from Stockholm/Gävle is back with a song that immediately sucks you into the 80s with the analogue synth sounds that remember of a-ha, Soft Cell and many more classic 80s bands. And in that tradition of classic synthpop the chorus of ‘We Will Be Birds Tonight’ is very rememberable and gives an instant sing-a-long mood.

Or as the band tells: ‘Pulsating synthetic beats, with machine-like bass lines and warm, floating synth pads that will make you want to dance, or levitate towards the skies.”

Withthis sound it is very clear that it makes sense that they recently performed at EBM/Alternative/Synth/Industrial festivals along with godfathers Front 242 or Agent Side Grinder. The new album of Red Cell will be out in March 2023 on Stupid Dream Records.

We Will Be Birds Tonight

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Photo by Ida Halling.