amilost – Pillowside

amilost are a band with three different roots: The band consists of vocalist and producer Sigrid Zeiner-Gundersen from Oslo, drummer and co-producer Ross Craib, born in Glasgow, and Charlie Fowler, on bass, from Cornwall.

During Lockdown they have created cinematique tracks inside the spheres of Sigur Ros or Bon Iver. And so ‘Pillowside’ starts quite slow and evolves more and more to a sound- and vocal-beast that is far away from chart-sounds and near the heart of good music lovers. The eclectic sounds even remind of Manchester Orchestra or some works of MEW. Big guitar and sound-walls that instantly fade out and give the voice of Sigrid room to shine.

“We want other people to channel their pain and their questions through listening to our songs,” says Sigrid. “‘Pillowside’ is about escapism and living through your imagination when things are tough…imagining something better.” 

‘Pillowside’ is released on MADE Recordings who started MADE Ardade – a platform for new artists to release a single track and show off their sound. It is clear that this worked out very welll for amilost – a MASSIVE debut for them.

amilost - Pillowside (Live at Middle Farm Studios)

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