Misty Coast – Nevereverending

Norway’s Linn Frøkedal und Richard Myklebust are back with their new and fourth album ‘Nevereverending’. From the beginning they have found their own soundwise niché: Songs like ‘The end of the beginning’ or ‘Cold war‘ have parts that can be almost called pop – and then the noisy guitars and synths counterpart this style.

This new album makes no exception and delivers what their trademark sound – but always with little twists and effects. You can hear the love for the details from every involved person in each song that makes it unique.

‘Hi Goodbye’ starts soft with retro organs and – as they often do so – catchy melodies that are almost pop-melodies (but with one or two chords that break with that principle), And then it turns into a mid-tempo noise-banger.

Misty Coast - Hi Goodbye

Oh well, those melancholic electric guitar vibes with the slight distortion and a good amount of reverb immediately work well with the imaginary picture of falling leaves in the autumn. This can be called a ballad in the sound-universe of Misty Coast – nothing that I have expected on this album abd it works pretty well.

Misty Coast - The Crossing

On “Brianchild” right from the start it is a classic ‘Misty Coast’ song. The first drum pattern played by long-time drummer Kim Åge Furuhaug – sounds so ‘Matias Tellez’, who again recorded the album in a way that is just perfect. With noizy guitars and the mid-tempo beat and layers, layers, layers it is a pleasure to hear. Linn’s calm vocals make a good counterpart to all this other stuff going round in this song.

Misty Coast - Brainchild

How do you know when you hear good music? – When you can change the whole instrumental setting and it works the same like before. Yes, it happened as promiesed many years ago: Linn and Richard played also an acoustic version of the song ‘Breathe’. combined with a psychedelic video setting:

Misty Coast "Breathe" - living room special

‘Nevereverending’, mastered by Jørgen Træen, is out now on ‘Fysisk Format’ and indeed vinyl pressings will be there too.

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Photo By Johanne Nyborg

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Misty Coast are again focused and back on track to deliver the best possible music in their self-created nichè. What a perfect banger-album for the autumn: Noisy, retro, great catchy melodies and vocals. Is there a way this album could be better? No! Good to see they are making high-quality music with an edge again!