Moyka – Movies, Cars and Heartbreak

Singer Moyka from Bergen, Norway is producing constantly danceable Electro-bangers. From Stay to Already Gone we have written a couple of times about her fresh and super-clean sound.

Now she has released her new album ‘Movies, Cars and Heartbreak’ with more fab songs on it. The album is lyrically about self-reflection, self-devlopment and heart-pain.

‘Movies, Cars & Heartbreak’ is an album about those movielike moments where life freezes for just a second. That moment at that party that lives forever in your mind, where you felt more alive than ever, filled with laughter and euphoria. Or that contrary moment in the car where you didn’t know if you were ready to open the door and leave for the last time. It’s about those moments where you feel so alone in a world that seems so enormous, trying to navigate what seems like a never-ending highway of emotions. It’s about going fast and falling hard, taking chances, daring to believe in love and celebrating these big emotions that make us who we are. This album is for the brokenhearted, the thrill-seekers and party-people – and for those who love to dance and cry at the same time.” Moyka tells.

Moyka has the ability to build up great instrumental tracks with synthesizers and then layer great melodies on top of it, that she sings with her crystal clear voice – that is a great combination.

Moyka — Rear View (Official Music Video)

‘Already Gone’ is giing us massive Royksopp-vibes with that warm and smooth floating bass-line:

Moyka — Already Gone (Visualiser)

‘Movies, Cars and Heartbreak’ is out on GEMS.

Moyka will be on tour in Germany in 2024:

05.02.2024 – Berlin, Kantine am Berghain
06.02.2024 – Hamburg, Turmzimmer
08.02.2024 – Zürich, X-tra Musikcafé

Photo: Ida Fiskaa

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Moyka delivers Female-powered Electro-Pop at it’s best, while creating with her clear sound and voice her own niche. Danceable, great melodies – best in it’s gernre!