Metteson – Come Cry

Metteson is the moniker of musician Sverre Breivik from Bergen, Norway. After building up his career in the last years with Gigs at the Vill Vill Vest Festival or at by:Larm in Olso, he is going on tour to support AURORA on her tour in the UK and Ireland.

Musically ‘Come Cry’ is pop in it’s purest form and perfection: Verses with melodies to die for and a chorus that opens up th song. With it’s warm synths and pad-based chords it sets a good base for Metteson’s voice that has the right pop-timbre in it and makes it a good pop song. And listen to the acapella-vocal-choir right at the end of the track – THAT is perfection!

Metteson says about the song: “It can be difficult to make the first move and reach out if you suspect someone isn’t doing well – I can’t say I’m the first to lend a hand, my instinct is often to retract when I see the sign. Over the last two years of ups and downs as we had to continue to lead our lives during a global pandemic, I’ve seen many friends and family members become mere shadows of themselves. I’ve also been down to say the least. But this song is a promise to my friends that I’ll be a shoulder to cry on if they need me, and a reminder to myself that I will do better and reach out more often. You could say I am exposing that shoulder, hehe. ‘Come Cry’ is a New Year’s resolution: do not shy away from deep feelings, arguments and tough times. Do not keep your distance out of fear – connect with your friends and be that shoulder to cry on. I need one myself sometimes.”

‘Come Cry’ is written by Metteson and Vetle Junker (AURORA, Nils Bech, Gundelach) and it is produced by Matias Tellez (Young Dreams), which already is trademark for great sound.

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Photo: Tonje Thilesen