Lars Bygdén – One Last Time For Love

Swedish songwriter Lars Bygdén has released a musical masterpiece in grief, darkness and love for his wife who died in 2017. With his last album ‘Dark Companion’ he already worked his way through this difficult phase but with ‘One Last Time For Love’ he sets another monument for what comes after the loved person is gone:

“The album picks up where my previous album ‘Dark Companion’ ended. After the funeral of my wife. When relatives and friends finally have returned to their normal lives after joining their forces around me and my children’s grief. When you sit there alone on the sofa and try to understand what happened.”

“It is about grief and infinite loss, but also about the liberation that death can mean, both for the one who’s sick but also for the survivors. It’s about how we need the darkness to be able to see the light and vice versa. For me, it is also about the apocalyptic times we live in and about the last war that’s coming or maybe is already here?”

The title track with its faster beat and that sad, but beautiful chorus, is about understanding the situation:
“One more time before it’s over
One last time for love
Please give me an answer
Before you go

Tell me what really happened
Was it all in my head?”

LB [Lars Bygdén] - One Last Time for Love [Official Music Video]

In “Born Again” Lars is getting close to a classical blues song with its intensity – but also a little hope.

LB [Lars Bygdén] - Born Again [Official Lyric Video]

It is obvious that the album does not feature more smashing tracks like he did in the past (for example ‘Dream On‘ or ‘Good Times‘) but the intensity of ‘One Last Time For Love’ is breathtaking – take ‘Into the Light‘ for instance or the opening track ‘A Bird and a Star‘ (which reminds us a little bit of the sad ballads of the Weeping Willows) – this is not Alt-Country anymore but its own category.

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Photo: Johan Bergmark

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Lars Bygdén has set a beloved monument for grief, sadness and a little light in the end with his album “One Last Time For Love” that is so intense and no one other could have done it better.