Maylen Rusti – Når Eg Faller

Norwegian singer-/songwriter releases a powerful new song today – again in norwegian language. The singer – who also is singing in Bergen’s trio Alibiet – has a strong song here with ‘Når Eg Faller’: Crystal-clear pop vocals are playing with warm analogue synth sounds – what is a strength that Maylen has shown in past releases. And yet it has the right amount of edgyness to float between pure pop and 80s indie-vibes.

‘I had the feeling that this song was going to be special. I wanted to capture a vulnerable but hopeful mood. The feeling  you have when you’re at the end of a pandemic, when you’ve been in limbo, on your way from one chapter to another, and when you´re in love and don’t know what the future holds’, says Rusti. ‘I wrote the song when the relationship I was in was put to the test during the pandemic, and we did not agree on how to cope with everyday life. We became unsure of how best to deal with each other. I spent a lot of time longing, and reminding myself, how nice things were before. What it was like to be in love, how vulnerable you can be in a relationship, and somehow these thoughts and feelings led me back to a sense of security, and a certainty that everything would be okay in the end.’

The song was produced by Maylen Rusti, Henrik Hilmersen and Marte Eberson.

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Photo: Estera Johnsrud