Mattis – You can never go back

Copenhagen-based singer Mattis Jakobsen has released a new song ‘You can never go back’.

Now he is going ‘lighter’ soundwise: Some years ago he has done more full instrumented songs that build a soundwall with some electronics and his unique voice over it (like the fab Loverboy).

The new song is far more done with acoustic instruments and there is much more to explore – with this great old-fashioned piano for instance. The chorus is absolutely rememberable and for sure Mattis’ voice glues all together. What a smart tune!

You Can Never Go Back

”I became a dad for the first time, earlier this year – and what my daughter has taught me so far, is to live in the now. These days, she’s crawling around on the floor but before I know, she’s off to college. Having her right here has changed my focus in life upside down and I don’t wanna miss any second together with her,” Mattis says.

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Photo by Daniel Buchwald