Magnus Tempels – Leech

24-year old Danish singer Magnus Tempels made his debut in 2019 and after a couple of singles he is now releasing his debut longplayer ‘Leech’ to the masses.

He is wandering between the world of Broken Beats, spheric electronica like Trentemøller but with melodies and vocals that are far more pop with a Justin Bieber-vibe. That sounds like a wild mixture? Yes! But after giving the album some spins it makes totally sense: Broken beats electronica that a catchy as hell.

He started out at the age of 15 when he travelled Europe just with his guitar – and that is the key to the songs: The are written with a classic song structure in the background and then turned into this electronic sound field which remunds us sometimes also of the godfathers of this – Radiohead.

People who don’t know you will only stop and listen if they actually like what they hear. The reactions are brutally honest, and you really learn something from that as a songwriter and as an artist“, he reflects.

If You Were Sorry - Magnus Tempels - Official Music Video

“Electronic music can be both vulnerable and vicious at the same time, and I just fell head over heels for that.” tells Magnus.

Let Go (Official Music Video) - Magnus Tempels

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Photo by Phie Beckett Stenbæk

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Magnus Tempels delivers a mature debut album. You wouldn’t expect such love for details from such a young guy. The mixture between Broken Beats Electronics, spherical sounds and pop vocals sounds crazy – but it works very well and it is an album that is groovy as hell.