Løv Li – Can’t Let You Go

23-year-old singer Løv Li, based in Copenhagen, has an interesting vita as an DIY-artist: He has been learning many things on the Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Musikgymnasium in Berlin and is perfecting his violin-skills. So it isn’t the first thought that ha may deliver one the best pop-songs this year. But he does:

‘Can’t Let You Go‘ is very well written and instrumented, personal pop-ballad.Starting just with an guitar-part it evolves more and more, fde up by great orchestra parts.

“I’ve always had melodies spinning around in my head. These days, I often record them as one of the numerous voice-memos, I’ve got on my phone. They rapidly develop into arrangements for piano, vocals and strings and are completed with all the impulsive, experimenting sounds, I create when I work on the boundless, amazing computer,” Løv Li says.

Løv Li – which is the moniker of Valdemar Littauer – has written for artists like Alex Vargas, Maximillian, Wiinston and BATHSHEBA and you can hear the confidence in the songwriting for his own music.

Can’t Let You Go‘ is out on Warner now.

Løv Li - Can't Let You Go (Official Music Video)

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