Proxie P. – Headline

We have written about Proxie P.’s debut song ‘Berries‘ in March. Since then she released the more synth-dance song ‘Cry 2 Your Alibi‘ and now she is showing another side of her: ‘Headline’ is the most ‘classic’ pop song of her as today that – which is a novum as far as we know – includes subtle guitar sounds.

Proxie P. tells about the song: ‘Headline is a very personal song I wrote as a hint to a guy I was seeing, hoping to not have to disclose my feelings in person. But he didn’t listen to it for about three weeks and once he did, he didn’t get the hint. Send it to someone you like, maybe you have better luck!’

‘Headline’ is out on the great Bergen-based tastemaker-label Baked Good Records.

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