Looney Gloomers – Muscles

If you are into glowing indie-pop, Looney Gloomers new song ‘Muscles’ is perfect for you!

The band members are based in Copenhagen and London, with two lead singers and two multi-instrumentalists – who found together in the feeling of being different, in school and at home, with friends or alone.

“Difference and diversity are key to progress and love and it’s always been the key to creative curiosity for Looney Gloomers” they say.

‘Muscles’ is a classic indie-pop song what implies that there has to be a great synth-hookline to sing along to and great melodies in the chorus. ‘Muscles’ delivers with the laid-back feeling that the instumental delivers.

“This song is an important one for us. We really wanted to create a piece of music that, like a great book, will inspire and make you wonder. The beauty of Steinbeck’s ‘Grapes of Wrath’ is that it’s the ultimate tragedy but at the same time it really gives you so much hope. We think ‘Muscles’ channels this perfectly.”

The song is the lead-single of the upcoming second album of the band that has been written, recorded and mixed in only 20 days.

“We really try as much as possible to bend and merge modern genres, whilst unfolding a lyrical cosmos of metaphors and fragile self-deprecating narratives. It has given our band the opportunity to play around with the boundaries of a novel genre we like to call New Now.” Loomey Gloomers tell.

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Photo: press