Jacob Bellens – It ain’t no wonder

Danish indie-superstar Jacob Bellens has a new song out: ‘It Ain’t No Wonder’ is the third single taken from Jacob Bellens upcoming, new album ‘Off My Meds’ which will be released on October 6th, 2023.

“It’s an uptempo, slightly light banger with a 90s breakbeat at the bottom and an open letter to my daughter’s mum about everything she deals with daily in her life with me.”, explains Jacob Bellens. “It was written at a time when I felt I was too broken to love properly, too stubborn and too scared to open up, because I was afraid I would be left if I showed myself as I am.”

And so it shows that you can turn a personal crisis into a danceable banger!

‘It ain’t no wonder’ is out on hfn music.

Jacob Bellens: It Ain't No Wonder

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Photo by Søren Lynggaard