Gard Read – All We Can Do

Hailing from the beloved ‘Music City’ Bergen from Norway, new up-and-coming singer Gard Read released ‘All We Can Do’, a perfectly produced pop-song with inspirations such as James Blake,Labrinth, The Weeknd or Mimi Webb. Written by Gard himself and Bjarte De Presno Borthen the song is out on the fine label Diamond Club.

With a strong chorus and heartful singing, Gard delivers a very strong track which is a precessor for the upcoming debut-EP which is due to be released in 2022. Gard will also play two showcase-events next year in Oslo and Bergen.

The now-25-years-old songwriter is already within the music industry since the age of 16, where he went to the UK to work with producers and learn everything needed to make his own music. Now, back in Bergen, the time is right to step up into the light and release music.

Music helps me speak about things that can be hard to talk about. Trough my
songs I’m able to find the words to admit when something hurts.
‘ Gard says.

Indeed, a very fine start and we are looking forward to the debut EP!

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