Helena Gao – Beach House

With ‘Beach House’ danish upcoming music star Helena Gao is releasing her new song that is settling right between Indie- and Pop-vibes.

The yet unsigned artist is mixing some of her chinese backgrounds with Alternative-rock styles like Radiohead, with the love for the details and effective us of sounds. Starting with soft strings and piano-parts the intimate song evolves more and more.

Speaking of the piano: Her piano techer ecouraged her to follow her path of riting and performing music: ”“As a woman, you’re hardly ever encouraged or inspired by your peers to start producing. All the credit lists on Spotify are dominated by male producers. I think producing myself helped me figure out what I want and what I sound like.”

“The song is pretty much about my curiosity about upper-class lives. Something I feel a lot of people are interested in due my observation that we’re often hyperaware of what we don’t have but seem to forget what we do have. This unfortunate human trait is the core of the song, and even though the beach house owner is the focus, I think many of us with middleclass backgrounds are guilty of ungratefulness as well.” tells Helena about her song.

Helena Gao - Beach House

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