Freddy Madson – Blue Rain

Danish indie-pop artist Freddy Madson is back with ‘Blue Rain‘ – the lead single from his upcoming debut-EP. A track with a pumpin’laid-back beat and great chorus vocals. It’s all about 3:32 min ear-pleasure with warm and anlogue 80s-synth-chords, a gospel choir and a fine chorus. Great to see that Freddy again delivered a song that you can hear over and over again and don’t get tired of.

“I was in a period where I was feeling blue on and off because my music career wasn’t taking off. I dwelled on it, started comparing myself to everyone else and talked about it, time after time. It affected myself deeply but most of all it affected the people I love. I realized I had to do something about it and turn things around,” Freddy Madson tells. He continues:

“I knew we were on to something in the studio when those big, wide piano chords hit and the beat came on. The chorus appeared quickly with me just repeating the words “Blue Rain”. When all the pieces came together I felt so empowered and I hope the listener will feel the same.

‘Blue rain’ is prdocued with Danish producer, Niels Christian Sommer Kjærgaard.

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Photo by Therese Lærke