your hands – down here waiting

26-year-old danish musician Johannes Brandstrup aka your hands delivers a chilled and uplifting Indie-pop hymn ‘Down here waiting‘. It is on one side classic pop with smooth 80s reminiscences and on the other almost Bedroom pop with self-made effects. A cool and cozy musical mixture that is a pleasure to hear – and exactly that mixture is it what is it so 2023-styled.

“I wanted to write a song about the youth and social life. My generation has become addicted to communicating with one another – which is good – but when you agree to meet up with someone it often creates a clash between expectation and respect of each other’s time. We rely on communication more than we rely on each other and I hope this catchy little pop song reflect those mellow thoughts and frustration of modern living,” your hands says when talking about ‘down here waiting’.

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Photo by Nikolaj Lütken