ELBA – You do you

ELBA is the moniker for danish singer Ellen Bathum and she is releasing a truly powerful pop song with ‘You do you’ – a musical statement to (re)gain strength and belief in yourself.

“The song is about acknowledging and embracing your very own unique human composition. About believing in your own abilities – especially when life seems tough and unfair – and above all, it’s about daring to trust and listen to your own inner voice. Otherwise, you limit yourself, maybe even to other people’s expectations, making the negative define your path. ‘You Do You’ is the result of my own experiences but also a universal story about standing up for who you truly are,” ELBA says.

ELBA, who chose not to reside in Copenhagen but the countryside, delivers a track that is pushy, strong and we could see very high up in the charts in the next weeks – a pop gem! And with that she will go on tour throughout Denmark again, where she also did play Roskilde before and hit nationwide radio stations.

‘You do you’ is written by Astrid Cordes, Nikolaj Poulsen, Mads Bunch Johansen & Ellen Bathum.

ELBA - You Do You (Official Audio)

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Photo by Sebastian Vistisen Toft