Debut: Felix E. – Touch Me

Although ‘Touch Me’ is a debut as an artist, Danish musician Felix E. is well-known in the music scene for playing drums for high-class acts like Alex Vargas, Dúné, Mads Langer or Drew Sycamore.

June 2022 marks the time where jumps on the front spot and releases his first own and self-written single ‘Touch Me’, a wild Indie-banger that jumps fluently between Electro, Indie, Synth and 80s-genres. Starting wild with Electro-Synths you my think this is a darkelectro song in the style of Front242, NIN or Covenant. When the refrain starts it evolves into acoustic drums that are expanded by an classic New Order-style 80s bassline and an chorus that really opens up. A song that is edgy and has a great melody line – that is what we like!

Felix tells about the lyrics of the song: ‘“Touch Me is an ode to sex and love and the woman taking control in bed. It’s about how sex is a consensual act when done right. It’s about giving and receiving in equal measure and doing your absolute best for the person you love.”

This debut is a fantastic hell of a ride and we can’t wait for the next songs of Felix E.!
‘Touch Me’ is out now on Fickle Binge Records, run by Danish musician-couple Mattias Kolstrup (Liberty, Dúné) and Drew Sycamore

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