Dania O. Tausen – ‘at siga ja er nei (saying yes means no)’

Young Faroese singer Dania O. Tausen has played many relevant festivals for new and upcoming musicians in the last couple of months – Vill Vill Vest in Bergen, Trondheim Calling and The Great Escape Festival in Brighton – all fantastic tastemaker festivals. Although she has already in 2021 her debut album called gonguteigatúnatos (crosswalktalks) out and is ready for her new album (which wil be a 13-track double-album) coming later in 2023.

The song – the second single from the upcoming album, the first one was “kann eg hava armin soleiðis her?“, is a mid-to-slow-tempo-song that includes so many elements that make music from the Faroe Islands and Iceland so special: A decent amount of electronics, acoustic instruments and intense yet rememberable melodies. On top of that Dania O. Tausen makes a good job letting her voice fill up the space. We are sure we will hear much more from her in the future!

at siga ja er nei was written one summer, when I constantly had too much to do. Even the fun things became a burden because I had no energy left”. – Dania says. “I’m very bad at saying no to my interests, so I figured out a way to help my bad conscience and stressful mind. If I just said yes to one thing, it meant I automatically couldn’t say yes to something else. And this became a new mantra that I wanted to follow. In the end, you can only be at one place at one time in one particular moment, and it’s better to get the best out of that than to run around, unfocused, trying to make it to as many things as possible in the shortest amount of time”

at siga ja er nei (feat. Ragnar Finsson)

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Photo: Gwenael Akira Helmsdal