Árstíðir – Let’s pretend

Icelandic Genre-bending group Árstíðir have a new song out from their upcoming 8th album BLIK, which will be out on M.A.R.S. Worldwide Music on September, 15th.

Between working in the fields of folk- and pop music their polyphonic choir singing is very unique and brings this ‘I know this’-feeling instantly – no matter if it is more of a folk-song or – as it is the case with ‘Let’s pretend’ a more pop-song.

‘Let’s pretend’ is prdouced by Faroese phantom producer SAKARIS (Kiasmos, Arnor Dan, GDRN, Gudrid Hansdottir and delivers those perfect vocal harmonies and a great beat-base. With the other in advance released songs, the new album should be a very versatile ear-pleasure!

Let's Pretend - Official Lyric Video

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Photo by Hörður Sveinsson