Apparatjik Presents Lowell – Kids

Kids is the latest outcome and lead single from the debut mini-album “if YOu_ _ caN, 5olve thi5 jumble?” of the cooperation from the canadian singer/sognwriter Lowell with the guys from Apparatjik. The song is – just like the first track Shake it off – pushed forward by slightly trashy drumsounds and again a very smart melodyline, which fits perfect for Lowells “just not direct pop, it’s indie”-voice. At the end you can hear Jonas Bjerre from Mew singing the chorus part. “if YOu_ _ caN, 5olve thi5 jumble?” will be released on October 29th. Oh, this will be a fine piece of music…!

Apparatjik Presents Lowell - Kids

Lowell at facebook
Lowell’s website

Lowell also joned Apparatjik on the latest livegig in Oslo:

Apparatjik ft Lowell at the Astrup Fearnley Museum

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