Amanda Mair – Empty blockings

Amanda Mair had a blast with her debut album in 2011, containing songs like House, Doubt or THE perfect song about a small hill in Stockholm, Skinnarviksberget. This song made us visit this hill, when we were in Stockholm – when the sun goes down and you have a beautiful view over the city, this song is the perfect soundtrack to it.

Since some months there is happening new music from Amanda. First she did release the new song Rush and she is about to bring out her next “To The Moon EP” via Despotz Records on 17.11.2017. Empty blockings is the first single from it and she follows a more electronic and danceable direction that she started with Rush. There is this talent of developing catchy and beautiful melodies but yet this sounds not cheesy and has some edges and indie-vibe in it. She clearly follows her own way with this, what the best is what you can do.

Amanda tells about the song: “”Writing songs can really be like therapy for me. Writing Empty Blockings was therapy for me. I wrote it when I realized that something you’ve loved and been attached to can have a negative impact on you. And that all the negative energy can touch you, before you even feel the pain of it.”

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