ALOO – Peel it

With Peel it danish singer ALOO – which means “potato” in indian – releases her first track of her self-produced debut ep “FØR” due to be released in the late summer this year. ALOO is the moniker of Sofie Søe and she mixes influences from all over the world and different styles into a musical melting pot around Jazz, World Music, Psy-Rock, Pop or EDM.

Peel it is well produced Synth-Pop that catches immediately – especially the chorus, where the song opens up. Synthesizer-sounds provide a sound-bed for her vocals to shine over it.

“Peel It is about a situation with a guy I met when I first came to Berlin. We had a really intense few weeks where many of our perspectives on ourselves got turned around, and that helped me develop into a stronger and more balanced person. But it’s also about the curiosity of understanding yourself and others in general, really get under the skin.” says ALOO.

That song is what we call “a very strong debut” – and let’s hope the EP will be that crisp, sharp und melodious too.

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