Echo Me – You Know Me Well

Echo Me! is the moniker of Jesper Braae Madsen from Copenhagen, Denmark and he brings us a fresh approach of singer-/songwriter-based music with his new single “You Know Me Well”.

Following the first double-single “What They Say” / “4AM”from the upcoming album “Sleep is Key” (which will be out on 26th of October on Backseat) he has put the guitars a bit in the background to give his voice and electronic sounds a little more space. And that is the reason why “You know me well” feels so light, relaxed and floating. His remarkable voice makes another mark in this composition which makes it one of the best songs of 2018 – and catches us in the musical heart.

Definitely a candidate to watch out in 2018 – and not only to listen to: Echo Me! is coming on tour at the end of the year. What you can expect you can see on this Live Session performance of You know me well.

Echo Me - You Know Me Well (Single Version)

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