ADNA – ‘Black Water’-Album-Interview

The music of Swedish-and-now-Berlin-based singer ADNA is often described as ‘Dark Pop’ and although we don’t like this drawer thinking, this is what comes most near the mostly slower, athmospheric songs. Since many years she is celebrating and perfecting this style and her new album ‘Black Water’ has been released in September this year.

Thankfully we had the chance to ask her some questions about the album, the musical progress and live touring that she answered in the studio of her record company Despotz Records in Stockholm:

welovenordic: Interview with Adna

You are is – what we think – a really strong track with a special soundscape and that distinct melancholy in the melodies and in the voice of ADNA:

Adna - You Are (Official Music Video)

The track Darkness born in Youth is far more reduced instumented and the acoustic guitar is setting the ground for ADNA’s choral parts. An intimate and just beautifully sad song.

Adna - Darkness Born in Youth (Official Music Video)

In Don’t know, ADNA again delivers very strong melody-lines, this time backed up by puslating drumparts and an electric guitar. Again, she creates her own universe of lyrics and sound – ADNA’s voice is used as an well arranged instrument in this.

Adna - Don't Know (Official Music Video)

November is what many would call ‘classic bedroom pop’ with the wonderful Lo-Fi sound that gives ADNA’s voice enough space to breathe and deliver the melancholic chorus that immediately sticks to your head. What a majestic song!

Adna - November (Official Music Video)

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Photo credit: Greta Maria Asgeirsdottir

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Album Review

ADNA delivers a just wonderful soundtrack for the upcoming darker days that is full of great melodies and very well placed instruments that set per song a base for her voice or give her voice, the lyrics and the melodies that bit extra space to shine. Indeed, she has found her own sound-universe and in this no one can make better songs than her.