TULLE – Godforsaken City

23-year-old singer & songwriter TULLE is hailing from Oslo, Norway with the video for her new song ‘Godforsaken City‘ which will be included on her upcoming EP that is about to drop later this year.

After first tracks like ‘Dead Dead Dead‘ or ‘Blood on your hands‘ that already show her sound that is walking flawless between Electro, Indie, Pop and Rock – always with a touch of extra darkness in it -, TULLE delivers ‘Godforsaken City: A dark mid-tempo pop banger with great verses and a smashing chorus based on a electronical bed – and overall the voice of TULLE who manages to sound vulnerable and strong at the same time.

Lyrically the track is about feeling like a clown when a relationsship didn’t work out and your heart is in a broken state and realizing the things that have happened before.

Exactly this feeling she is showing in the video when she is walking around in the dark city of Oslo. The video is filmed and edited by Siri Granheim.

Godforsaken City - Visualiser - TULLE

Using a piano as her first instrument to write songs she has teamed up with producers she got to know from the musical school she went to. She lists Lorde, Phoebe Bridgers and Glass Animals as influencal musicians.

TULLE is looking forward to play more live shows at the end of summer but is playing live at the Havstrøm festival in Oslo, which is happening 10-11.03.2023. She is playing on the first day.

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Photo: Press shoot