The Ella Sisters – James Dean

If you are into good pop songs and vocals in harmonies, listening to the Ella Sisters is a good advice:
They just released the video for their latest song ‘James Dean’, which is a fine mid-tempo ballad based on warm synth-sounds and with a really sticky chorus. The voices of the two sisters harmonize again very well together in this.

The song is written by The Ella Sisters and Matt Ingram. It has a cinematic vibe to it, and takes on the approach of the challenges of letting someone in, and how it feels to be broken but grateful for what the love gave you.

Since their debut song ‘Cars‘ in May they have released their debut e.p. and will release a new song soon – so they are really busy putting out material that is on a high level so far.

The Ella Sisters - James Dean (Official Video)

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Photo: Press kit