Surfalot – Fire

Surfalot is the moniker of Bendik Johnsrud from Rykkinn in Norway has a new track out in the wild – it is called “Fire”.
It is a wonderful dreampop-esque summer-track with gorgeous sounds in it, all those old analogue synths, the 60s- and 70s-styled melody lines, the 80s guitar-playing. Some similarities to the maestro’s of Kakkmaddafakka are there in the vocals too. This sounds “only” like a mixture of known stuff, but the outcome is really unique and a good soundtrack for the last days of summer. Whoohoo!

And don’t forget to check out the previus track “Everybody Needs Somebody”, a real gem:

Surfalot - Everybody Needs Somebody

Surfalot on the web, facebook, twitter.

Photo : Prettyboi Håkon

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