Skott – Once in a While [smile]

Swedish artist Skott came first to our attention with the wonderful indie-pop track ‘Porcelain‘ in 2016 and since then she has released a number of fine indie-driven songs and the album ‘Always Live For Always‘ in 2020.

While following her own visual and musical style the new song ‘Skott – Once in a While [smile]’ delivers again great melodies and an intimiate sound that is quite unique and very recognizeable.

“Life’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect. But everything is perfect, once in a while. Happiness and harmony is fickle so I’m trying to really pay attention to it when it comes my way. Once in a While [smile] is about trying to pinpoint what really matters to me, what makes it worth it.” – Skott says.

Skott - Once in a While [smile] (Official Audio)

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