Sandy Mouche – Hurt

The band Sandy Mouche from Sweden consists of songwriter- and singercouple Martinique and Helena Josefsson together with the brothers Per (drums) and Ola (guitar) Blomgren. On live shows they bring a bassist and a pianist. Helena Josefsson might some recognize as the backing vocal singer of swedish pop group Roxette. And she did some more vocals for Per Gessle on his solo albums as well. Beside her solo career Helena sings in Sandy Mouche – and the band sings in dual-language: french end english. This is what they did on their other albums “… and poems for the unborn” and “White lucky dragon”, which we really recommend.

They have a very unique, intimate sound, very classy and acoustic – what a perfect sound for the colder days. “Hurt” is the lead single from the upcoming album to be released in 2013 from Sandy Mouche and is a very sweet piece of art.

Sandy Mouche - Hurt


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