Ready for success: An interview with Astrid S

We had the chance to have a vey nice talk with singer and songwriter Astrid S (19) from Norway.

Who is Astrid S?
She grew up in Berkåk, a small town in Norway and started with the age of 6 to play piano, is singing and writing songs since she was a teenager. After taking part in the norwegian version of “IDOL” she constantly managed to release songs and grow a huge fan base in Scandinavia.

This year she has a full packed schedule: After releasing her debut EP, several top chart positions in Scandinavia, she was going on tour as support act with Troye Sivan, did a collaboration with fellow norwegian producer Matoma (“Running out” – with more than 108 million Spotify plays) and is going on her own headliner tour this autumn.

Her current single “Hurts so good” has massive 69 million play on youtube.

First of all: Congrats for sold out tour in Europe! And 108 million plays of “Running out”. Did expect this huge success?
It is just amazing.

​How was your decision to make music?
I just took the piano and started right away.

​​How do you write/create a song?
First I sing a melody and play guitar.

Which musician or act was your personal musical inspiration?
Not a particular musician or act, it is more about the songs.

​How did it come to the collaboration with Matoma?
I wrote “Running out” and the label did the contact with Matoma – he is a fabulous producer.

Why do you think does the Tropical sound evolve especially from the northen parts of Europa like Kygo, Matoma,…
There are many “not cold, electronic sounds” from artists like Royksopp or Robyn that have “feeling” in it.

​When and what can we expect from the album and when will it be released?
The album will be there next year and we will have to write songs for it.

Se Astrid Smeplass og Kurt Nilsen synge duett i «Idol gir tilbake» for Plan Norge

Was the time at IDOL the jumpstart in the media for your career? You released one song per year until now – and this year you are releasing much more stuff.
It was the plan to start an international career, and this took some time to start.

The local music scene in Oslo – is there someone you would recommend? Local guides do always best in recommendations;)
Sure. For instance AURORA, Dagny, dePresno and Emilie Nicolas.

Talking about a support act – will there be one on the tour in November you can talk about?
Yes, it will be JESSARAE – it’s a different style than mine but very good.

Thank you very much for taking some time talking to us.

Astrid will do concerts in Berlin (21.11.2016) and Cologne (18.11.2016) in November, this will be the only german dates so far – and they are totally sold out already.

Astrid S on the web, facebook, twitter, instagram.

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