Magnus Josefsson – December

Magnus Josefsson from Sweden is part of the the group Blända and made his solo debut in 2019. The song ‘December’ is the second single on his new label ‘The Mirror Factory’ in Fröseke in Småland.

He does dreamy instrumental music, which is meditative and hypnotic and immediately catches you with a special mood or theme. The song came to life during a sound check on a tour in Germany on a cold December day. “I think December has a great feeling of success and finally reaching the finish line.” Mayguns says about the song.

And he had a bunch good musicials around him: Guests on ‘December’ are none other than Magnus Olsson (Melissa Horn) on drums etc., Christoffer Gunrup (The Amazing) on bass and guitar, Sylvester Schlegel (The Ark) on lap steel, synth and drums, Andreas Stellan (Dungen etc.) on synth and Heather Phillips (Starry Skies from Glasgow) on choir. The Mastering is done by Simon Scott (Slowdive).

In November, Magnus will release the next big step: his debut album.

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