Kommode – Fight or Flight or Dance All Night

This great news: As the brilliant Bergen-based folk-band “Kings of Convenience” are releasing new music just from time to time, one half of the band – Eirik Glambek Bøe – decided to do his own side-project too; as Erlend Oye does with his solo stuff.

Eirik starts his project under the new moniker “Kommode” and he is ready with his debut album “Analogue Dance Music”. It seems, there is exactly that in it, what the name says: Danceable high-class music with analogue instruments – that it includes the unique guitar-playing of Eirik is obvious :)

While the album will come out on vinyl in June this year, he released the first song “Fight or Flight or Dance All Night” of it. And this song is so great: Swirrling guitar and piano sounds, a warm bass-line, a trumpet and the cautious singing instantly puts you in a mood of dancing – and “Gemütlichkeit”, one of the key elements of Kings of Convenience-music too.

We have seen KoC last year on the small pre-tour in Amsterdam with the debut of their upcoming album – but we didn’t expect to hear much more music from the KoC-universe so soon. This is really great!

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Video-Link: https://soundcloud.com/brilliance/kommode-fight-or-flight-or-dance-all-night-1

This is definitely one of the most anticipated albums of the year and it will be out on “Brilliance Records”, who have been active with the Strange Hellos and Tuvaband recently too.

The tracklisting is already online too:

Side A
1. Shoes
2. Captain of Your Sinking Ship
3. Lady-Logic
4. Fight or Flight or Dance All Night
5. The Ink in the Great Book of Music

Side B
6. Not the Bigger Picture
7. Agent
8. Houses for Birds
9. I Feel Free
10. Come On, Sense!

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