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Sigrid releases debut EP, reveals new track „Fake Friends“

Finally it is out there: Norwegian’s upcoming superstar Sigrid has her 4-track debut EP „Don’t kill my vibe“ released.

Beside the the breakthru-song and title-track „Don’t kill my vibe“ and the stunning second track „Plot Twist“ the EP contains more fresh sounds:

„Dynamite“ ia a ballad which is performed in an acoustic version, which shows the vocal power of Sigrid. That will be interesting how the album-version will sound like.

And then there is the last track „Fake Friends“ which starts with a heavenly perfect guitar part. In genereal this is the track that contains the most guitar sounds – and we love it! Nice melody-driven verses and then everything opens up in the chorus: Drums, vocals, guitars, synths. This is a definitive single-candidate.

Overall it is clear to see, that no one killed Sigrid’s vibe!

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