Janice Prix – Nobody Would Know EP

Janice Prix is a synth-based indie-band from Trollhättan in Sweden.

Now their EP ‘Nobody would know’ is out and we are blown away by the songs and the sound:
This s good classic, slightly dark synth-rock/pop with roots in 80s and 90s song-structures and sounds.

Glitch is a damn good song that reminds us of the glorious Lorraine, which we wrote about some days ago. So, Janice Prix is in good company here.

Janice Prix - Glitch [Official Music Video]

In general, we see many reminiscenes to the indie-rock scene of the 2000s also, a little bit of Zeromancer, Kent or The Rasmus can be found in the sound of Janice Prix. As we we’re great fans of this Electro-/Rock-MashUps with strong melodies and a recognizeable singer, we love tracks like the title track ‘Nobody Would Know’ right from the start.

In fact, Janice Prix started in Trollhättan in the legendary studio Psykbunkern, home of their childhood heroes Kent.

The band says: ‘Forming a band like Janice Prix while living in a small Swedish industrial town, dominated by metal and punk, was nothing less than a suicide mission. “We wanted to rebel and provoke by being different”, MK (bass) says. The local music scene wasn’t at all shy about expressing its hostility towards Janice Prix and it got to a point where one day ”we discovered that someone had nailed fake obituaries, with our names and everything, to the studio door” says Richard Henry (vocals).’

Janice Prix - Waking [Official Music Video]

In fact, every track on this EP would make a good single release:

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Photo: (c) Henrik Korpi

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A promising begin for a band – and they have the talent to create moods and melodies like their heroes Kent.