IVIE – See me

IVIE caught our attention when she released her fresh song “Runnin’” last year.
Now she is back with a new one – and it is called “See me”. It’s a mid-tempo song with a modern electronic soundbase where IVIE can show her vocal skills in the lower tones very well too. With a smart chorus it is the actual bridge that we really go with – very smooth chords.

She wrote the song together with Erlend Mokkelbost in his studio as she tells: “We were just trying out different things and he sent me a few beats in a folder. I really liked the simplicity of the production and the mystic vibe of it”

Textwise the song is about anxiety and relationships, as she wrote us:
“I was thinking of all the sides of our lives that we hide from one another and how we don’t really see each other in our full complexity.”

You can catch IVE live in the next days – she is going to play an intimate Sofar gig in the near future.

IVIE on facebook, Instagram, Spotify.

Foto: Anne Valeur

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