Interview: Silja Sol

Yesterday Silja Sol released her great new album “Ni liv” – and we had the chance to ask her some questions about her musical development.

When did you come to the decision to make your own music?
I started playing guitar at 15, wanting to be able to back myself and my vocal. I think I wrote my first song at 16, in english, and since then i couldn’t stop. I quickly changed for my motherlanguage, to make my identity as a writer more apparent and distinct.

Is making music your fulltime-job at the moment?
No, actually I like to stay busy doing several things at once. So I try to take some classes and I work at the cinema in Bergen, a really nice workplace which is very flexible with the work hours, so I have time to do all the other things I like as well. Music is of course my main occupation and I always have a lot of music cooking in my mind.

Silja Sol - Ni Liv

Which musician or act is your personal musical inspiration?
I listen to a lot of different genres and bands, but I guess the first thing that really got to me, was Mozart’s “Queen of the night”-Arias from “The magical flute”. Also Eva Cassidys soulful and expressive vocals hit my soul like a lightning strike and really inspired me to do my own things. Now I listen a lot to Amy Winehouse and Rap like Dr.Dre and Kendrick Lamar.

How do you write/create a song? Is there a melody in the beginning – or is there a beat first?
It depends, its kind of like a puzzle. I sometimes start with the lyrics, I get really inspired by nice or funny words – but sometimes I have a lot of music in my head and start with a melody or some guitarchords. Then I put the pieces together and try to make songs that have a certain kind of mood.

What do you like more? – Working alone or working with a producer and a songwriter-team/band-members?
That also depends, I like to be in my own head while working on new songs, but if I meet the right partner that I really connect with, nothing is better then making music together.

Do you like creating music more – or is it to perform new songs live in front of people?
I think the general creative prosess being a musician is the most fun part. Both writing new songs and performing.

Silja Sol - Dyrene

How does it feel, when you see that something big is going to happen with your music and the attention rises? – As you are getting good reviews and massive airplay around the radio stations with “Dyrene” lately.
It is a bit scary having a lot of eyes watching your moves, but I don´t think too much about it, I guess. I just do my thing and of course I want to share my music, so I suppose its a good thing getting a lot of attention. It doesn’t effect my work at all, so I’m happy.

What can we expect from the next musical direction or album?
I couldn’t tell you even if I wanted. Haha. I’m very adventurous and if something seems like a fun thing to do, I probably just do it without much thought. If my heart is in it, I dont see any reasons not to try it out. Anything could probably happen. But i really like where I’m at on «Ni Liv», so I might just make a few more songs in that direction.

Do you plan to go on a tour this year?
Mainly I´ll do festivals in Norway this summer, but I hope to bring my music further out in the world – and even the universe if possible. Also I do play in Aurora´s band, so I do some touring with her in the world.

Tell us a little bit about your work being a part of AURORA’s band – does it feel strange not to stand in the middle and sing?
It is awesome beeing part of her band. No, I stand in the middle while doing my own things, and its a really nice experience being part of the band for a change. I like it very much.

To be more general: What would you do if you wouldn’t do music?
Oh, I dont know. Maybe some kind of artist. Or a journalist. I LOVE the radio. I’d probably work in the radio.

The local music scene in our beloved city Bergen – is there someone you would recommend?
YES! Misty Coast, The Megaphonic Thrift, Sigrid, Vilde Tuv, Strange Hellos, Great News.

And always trust a local insider: Is there a hot-spot bar or restaurant that is a “must-see” recommendation?
I love having a drink at Muskedunder, and I love having a solid burger at Bien.

Do you have a top 5 songs at the moment?
Be apart – Porches
In Common – Alicia Keys
Help Yourself – Amy Winehouse
My Body Is A Cage – Arcade Fire
Good kid – Kendrick Lamar

welovenordic says “Tussen takk” for taking the time answering our questions.

You can get the new album “Ni liv” at all major digital platforms outside of Norway like amazon.

Silja Sol at facebook, twitter.

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