Ida Laurberg – Personal Letters

Danish upcoming singer Ida Laurberg has a couple of good songs out like ‘Feel so Loud‘ or ‘Lost All Hope‘. She had a good start in the music scene with the indietrack ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ in 2016 with more than 40 million streams on the various platforms. Now she is signed to a major label – and is doing still many things in an independent way and style.

Her new single ‘Personal Letters’ is another one that is written in her style, that suits her very well. It is a mid-tempo balladm very well, modern produced. Her voice suits perfectly the polished, crisp-clean but yet edgy scandinavian sounds. The piano-sound is really dope!

“’Personal Letters’ is about my frustration of not having the nerve to confront people in my life when they do something that hurts me – which ends up in me getting hurt and having my boundaries overstepped time after time. Instead, I keep up finding myself perform angry monologues with myself in the shower in the mornings. That’s ‘Personal Letters’.”‘ tells the singer.

The song is written by Ida herself, Nicky Namah Furdal and Kasper Falkenberg.

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Photo by Jeppe Klausen.