Henrik Berggren – You Wore The Crown; I Played The Clown

Henrik Berggren has written songs that leave a big mark in the teenager-times of many Swedes. With his old band Broder Daniel he was THE indie-guy for a generation, that loved tracks like Shoreline (that got an intense and so wonderful cover of Anna Ternheim), or the unique “No time for us“.

After the band quit it was silent for a long time around the singer Henrik Berggren. But now he returns with a very strong album called “Wolf’s Heart”. Henrik manages to preserve the special aura that Broder Daniel had but also brings in his own, personal elements and new sounds. There are two key elements that make this album so unique: The oh-so-beautiful-and-sad songwriting and his special voice. There may be better singers out there in the world but the songs are so authentic and intense that – literally – the people are going to cry.

He plays his position as an outstanding person in the music video for “You Wore The Crown; I Played The Clown” too – as a clown and always with a bitter-sweet smile. This is really timeless, everlasting music.

Henrik Berggren - You Wore The Crown; I Played The Clown

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