HAVSUN – Pillow ft. Hanne Mjøen

From Bergen – the city where the music never sleeps – the next producer/artist is about to rise: HAVSUN is the name of 22-year-old Håvard Sundland who is now releasing his debut single after several years of producing and composing. He is starting with the right people near and behind him: Writing with songwriters like Alexander Tidebrink, Magnus Bertelsen and Jesper Jenset and with the management team of MADE and a record deal with Universal Music everything is set up for a lasting caereer.

“Pillow” is a modern dance song with a crisp production that brings the vocals of guest singer Hanne Mjøen to the best upfront.
A good melody, a strong chorus, super-modern synth sounds and a thriving beat – this is what you call a super-perfect song for the beginning, and not only in Norway!

HAVSUN - Pillow ft. Hanne Mjøen

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