Hajk – Drama (Album)

Oslo-based indie pop band HAJK return with their second album. Their self-titled album brought them the best critics and many fans, so that they instantly were titled as the new hope of Norwegian indie-pop.

Their focus are not loud guitars but melodies and the small moments of silence in between chorus and bridges.

On Drama they follow their path of patient and calming songs that bring you in a mood of Hygge. With a good portion of piano usage and warm analogue synths this works very well.

The album starts off with Keep telling myself, a song where Preben Sælid Andersen is taking the lead vocals. This track really sets the mood for the album well with this warm synth chord sounds and accentuated melody lines. So Hajk ist starting right away with one of the best songs from this album.

Hajk - Keep Telling Myself (Official Music Video)

Get it right with Sigrid Aase singing and bone dry, soft drums lives between a mid-tempo song and a ballad. Sitting next to a fireplace while listening to this song gives you instantly a warm feeling.

Dancing like this  is what is called a „fast track“ for Hajk, what makes sense when it is about Dancing. A Hajk dance-track – but obviously with good shots of melancholy in it.

On the spacey track As loud as it gets, the drums are switched to electronic drum sets, a track that stands out again.

Breathe, Tokyo and Desperately are in the same mid-tempo range, whereas with Snow Ball they have another special song a the album closer. Gorgeous melodies, vocals effects, swirling synth effects – this is perfection.

Drama is out today, 08.02.2019 on Jansen Records.

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Indiepop pearls are a specialty of Hajk and they deliver exactly this with their high anticipated second album.