Godt nytt år! – welovenordic’s Top Songs in 2015

Another year is over, and a bunch of very good music found it’s way to our ears.
Here are the favourites of welovenordic of 2015:

a-ha – Under the makeup

Alejandro Fuentes – Nabolaget mitt

Alibiet – Aleine

Aurora – Running With The Wolves

Frida Amundsen – Told You So

Good Twin Bad Twin feat. Conor Patrick – Hey! Lets Make Magic!

Junius Meyvant – Signals

Karin Park – Stick To The Lie

Kygo ft. Conrad – Firestone

L.i.g.a – Fodspor

Lisa Nilsson & Joakim Berg – Innan vi faller

Matilda –  Waiting

Mew – Witness

MØ – Kamikaze

Morten Abel – Annabelle

Odd Nordstoga – Aleine

Petra Marklund – Som Du Bäddar

Soley – Breath

Størksen – I killed your horse

Tove Styrke – Ego

Truls – Circles

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