Fanny Andersen – Not a toy

We were waiting for a new song from Fanny Andersen after her first smasher Kids some months ago.
“Not a toy” is written and produced by the Oslo-based singer herself and Kito and it is about relationships between couples where the girl is not treated right and the guy is a “player” – not a too seldom thing nowadays.

Soundwise “Not a toy” is again on front of modern productions with a groovy electronic fundament on which the melody and the voice of Fanny can enfold in the right way. With a very rememberable chorus and of those bass-lines we like it is the next big release of Fanny. Two songs, two smashers – that’s a really massive quota.

Fanny Andersen - "Not A Toy" (Lyric Video)

Fanny Andersen will play at Vill Vill Vest Festival in Bergen at the end of the month – a must see event.

Check out Fanny Andersen on facebook, twitter, instagram.

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