Fanny Andersen – ‘Kids’ video is out and a short interview

Oslo-based singer Fanny Andersen has just released the video for her single “Kids” – a very dancable song, produced by Skinny Days from Norway. The 21-year old singer managed to create a powerful, fresh-sounding track with one of those choruses that will get you again and again – over weeks… A song, that can rock the dancefloors and the charts!

There is a very massive wave of new singer from Norway with extreme high potential of an international breakthrough at the moment, like AURORA, Astrid S., Julie Bergan, Sigrid – and now Fanny Andersen. Watch her out, there is more to come!

Fanny Andersen - Kids

welovenordic had the chance to ask Fanny some questions about her and her music:

Can you shortly introduce yourself – How did you start with making music?

I’ve always been singing, as every kid. My parents and brother tells me that I NEVER stopped when I was younger, I was singing all the time, everywhere. I feel so bad for them, haha. I didn’t really get into songwriting until I wrote KIDS with Skinny days, I think it was the first or second song I’ve ever written. So it all kind of started with me being in the studio with my friends, having fun.

What are your influences?

My biggest influences are artists like Tove Lo and MØ, where they portray a realistic image of how it is being a young adult. Not this perfect idea of how females are, and they kinda dont give a fuck and i love that. I also get really inspired by their music, they’re amazing songwriters.

Can you tell us the story of “Kids”?

It was a late night in the studio, i think me and the producer was just talking about how life was so good when we where kids. After talking about it for about half an hour i was just like «This is what the song should be about» and it just came so naturally from there. The production in the song is really up beat and fun, so I felt like going pretty dark with the lyric. I think the contrast is so cool, and it just worked out perfectly.

“Kids” is a good starter – when we will get more to hear from you?

I think we just figured out what my next single is going to be, so I’m super exited! And it will probably be released before summer

And finally: Did you already have a most awkward moment on stage?

I’ve never preformed before!!! Im having my first concert in London may 22, and I’m so nervous. But if I know myself right, I will probably slip and fall or something the first 5 minutes into the concert :)

Thanks for the insights and answering our questions in this fresh way :)

Check out Fanny Andersen on facebook, twitter, instagram.

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