Debut: TALIE – Illusions

TALIE is the moniker of now-Oslo-based singer Natalie Beisland and she has just released her debut-single ‘Illusions’. The song is the first from her upcoming EP ‘Contours’.

Embedded in an electronical pop-soundbase are the vocals of TALIE that are very recognizable and have ‘that pop appeal’. ‘Illusions’ is a great composition that really opens up on the chorus and is very well produced.

TALIEs tells about the single: “Illusions is a song that everyone who has been in love can relate to. The type of relationship where all communication fails and the mixed signals are too much to handle and the frustration of not being seen makes you feel distant and detached from what’s real.”

After starting writing songs in Norwegian, TALIE began in 2020 – when she moved from Grimstad to Oslo to pursue her career – to switch to write english pop songs that are catchy and radio-friendly.

Writing music is personal, and I write about themes and reactions I can relate to from my own experiences. To convey frustration and intimate feelings. The frustration of not getting a concrete answer and to feel distant and detached from what’s real.” says TALIE.

‘Illusions’ is out on GIMME RECORDS.

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