Debut: Emma Jensen – Closer

The 21-year old singer Emma Jensen from Oslo released her first self-produced single “Closer” today on Majestic Casual Records.
The song is a modern pop-ballad with the floating voice of Emma over it. A smooth instrumentation and vocal chops make the song complete and very rememberable.

Emma describes the intention for the song this way:
‘Closer is about the feeling when you know you’re about to drift away from/loose someone, but you really want to hold on and let the person know that you’ll give it all to make things work. It all started with me just playing around in logic, making a reversed piano reverb. The rest of the beat along with the vocal chops and a verse came along pretty quick. I finished a rough idea of the song the same day, but then I didn’t work on it for weeks. It wasn’t until I started to show it to a couple of people that I thought it could be something. I went back and produced the rest of the track and the rest of the lyrics sort of came naturally.’

Emma Jensen - Closer

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Emma made her way to this years P3 Urørtfinalen, one the biggest talent competitions in Norway, which will take place in March 2017.
To promote her talent she went to the radio show P3 Christine lately and performed a smart cover-version of the 1975’s song “Somebody else”:

Emma Jensen on facebook, soundcloud, twitter.

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