Closed Doors – Home

HOME is the second single of new pop-duo Closed Doors, consisting of the young fellas Shivan and Julian from Bergen, Norway; following a couple of weeks after the strong debut single All Night, which was featured here too and that made a good first impression on what to expect in the future from the duo.

This one is an organic mid-tempo pop track with a good mixture of acoustic guitars and an electronic surrounding and should bring them a bunch of new fans.

Julian, 50% of Closed Doors, describes the song as follows:

“Home is a song based on a relationship that has ended. She has started to move on and to see other people, while he’s still in grief and longing for her to come back. At this point he just wants to know who she’s seeing and who’s taking her home, both physically and mentally.

It’s an emotional song but very relatable. The message behind the song is to show people that it’s ok to be emotional when you’re left heartbroken.”

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